Practicing best medicine: Why we do what we do and what AAHA means for you

You’ve probably seen the “AAHA“ logo while in our clinic or when visiting our website…but what does it really mean and how does it affect you and your pet? Here at Pembroke Animal Hospital, we take immense pride in our AAHA-Accreditation and are delighted to share with you the ways in which this benefits your [...]

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Dr. Sims on Parvo: Everything you need to know about Canine Parvovirus

With all the discussion of Parvo in the Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley, we decided to sit down with Dr. Shari Sims, DVM and have her answer some important questions about the virus. Dr. Sims has been practicing veterinary medicine at PAH and our Wellness Clinics; Deep River Animal Services and Mohns Avenue Veterinary Services, [...]

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