A dirty mouth makes a big statement! That’s why Dr. Davies says that if she hadn’t become a veterinarian, she would be a human dentist. Lucky for the pets at PAH Dr. Davies loves animals too much to become a dentist, and was drawn to the veterinary field so she could experience the human animal bond every day. Her goal is to be a caring and compassionate doctor that gives animals a voice- and a great smile.Dr. Davies grew up in a small town just outside of Burlington, Ontario, so when she came to Pembroke she fit right in with the tight-knit community. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Wilfrid Laurier University and her Master of Science degree in neuroscience at Queen’s University before completing her DVM in 2011 at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. Her favorite class in veterinary school was Dentistry, so it’s no surprise that she has become an advocate for pet dental health.

Her passion for dental care began in school when she learned how dental concerns affected a pet’s quality of life. Dental disease can cause a pet frequent pain. It is so impactful that dental disease can lead to other life threatening ailments. Dr. Davies knows that by improving her patient’s oral health, she could potentially add years to that pet’s life- and there is nothing more fulfilling than that!

Dr. Davies’ first pet was an adorable Poodle and Schnauzer mix named Soxy. She now has two dogs that she rescued through the SPCA- Snowy and Waldo. Snowy is a five year old Toy Poodle mix who loves squeaky toys and sitting straight up like a human. He has food allergies but Dr. Davies has this condition well managed by keeping Snowy on a strict hypo-allergenic diet. Waldo is a two year old Golden Doodle mix who is attracted to anything that squeaks or moves- including blowing leaves. The best lesson that her dogs have taught her is patience.

Winter sports are a passion for Dr. Davies. An avid snowboarder, she loves hitting the slopes in the mountains of British Columbia, but settles for Mont Tremblant because it is closer. She loves playing outside with her dogs, especially in the winter when she can get Waldo to chase snowballs. She also enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Davies keeps current on advances in the veterinary field by attending the Western Veterinary Conference and the Central Veterinary Conference every year. She is proud to be a doctor at an AAHA practice where she can uphold the highest standards of veterinary excellence and compassionate care, giving animals a voice- and a great smile!